Cross reference zonder Label. Alleen een nummer. Bv: "zie figuren 1 t/m 3"

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2016-12-16 15:09

Just add \# 0 to the cross-reference field code.

From Source (27-06-2012):

Is there a way to make Word combine cross-references without repeating the label. That is, instead of having to write, “see Figure 5, Figure 6, and Figure 7,” can you write, “see Figures 5, 6, and 7” or “see Figures 5–7”?

Ordinarily, the field code for such a cross-reference would appear as something like:
{ REF _Ref218925266 \n \h }
Simply change this to:
{ REF _Ref218925266 \# 0x \n \h }


NB1: You got more than 9 figures in your text? Make sure you add 'x' after the zero! The \h can be omitted if you do not want hyperlinks. The \n indicates that the number is referenced and not the paragraph text.

NB2: Use SHIFT-F9 after selecting and 'greying' the field, to make the field codes visible

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